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Nonwoven agrotextile P-80 black 1,6 x 50m

Agrowłóknina ściółkująca P-80 czarna 1,6 x 50mb Maximize

Cena 113,82 zł brutto

  • Długość 50
  • Szerokość (m) 1,6

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In response to our customers’ demands we selected the colours that suit the applications of agrotextiles best.

Thanks to its reinforced grammage (80g/m2), Plant-protex P-80 nonwoven agrotextile is much more resistant to damage than thinner fabrics.
It may be successfully applied where the maximum durability and reliability matter. It is widely used to prepare the ground for building roads and walkways, under the gravel or stone and in places where it is more exposed to sunlight. Especially recommended in strawberry and blueberry cultivation . It is best for customers who expect the product to be long-lasting and durable.


  Plant-Protex mulch nonwoven fabric helps to:

- hamper the growth of weed
- reduce the loss of water that evaporates from soil at the same time being permeable to rain water and liquid fertilizers
- maintain the proper moisture of the soil
- warm up the soil which is conducive to strengthening the root system
- protect plants from bacteria
- improve phytosanitary conditions of the soil and around the plant by creating dry and neat substrate
- protect the soil from excessive sunlight, strong wind and the loss of moisture
- increase crop efficiency and enhance cultivation
- enhance plant vegetation

Mulch nonwoven agrotextile has a wide range of applications – its protective properties can be used in the cultivation of vegetables, fruit bushes, decorative shrubs and flowers.
The highest dose of UV stabilizer prolongs exploitation of the product.


Our nonwoven fabricis manufactured on the best German machine and labolatory tests confirmed its homogeneous structure, abrasion- and tear-resistance.

In our online store non-woven agrotextiles are available in a range of sizes.