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Plant-Protex mulch nonwoven agrotextile

Plant-Protex mulch nonwoven agrotextile is the best way to enhance plant vegetation and to eliminate weeds without the necessity of spraying pesticides on crops.

  • Black nonwoven agrotextile 50g/m2

    Black mulch nonwoven fabric is the most common and universal one at affordable price. Black colour helps to increase the temperature of the soil, especially on sunny days.

  • Brown nonwoven agrotextile 50g/m2

    Brown mulch nonwoven agrotextile is ideal as underlay for bark chips. The colour doesn’t stand out, which guarantees aesthetic values, functional features being preserved at the same time.

  • Black nonwoven agrotextile 80g/m2

    Thanks to its reinforced grammage (80g/m2), Plant-Protex P-80 is much more resistant to damage than thinner fabrics.

  • Fixing pegs

    Professional pegs designed for fixing nonwoven and woven fabrics to the ground.